Who are we?


Beatrice & Patrice, in love with nature and travel since always:

"Our experiences have allowed us to reinforce our taste for discovering others and our love of welcoming and sharing.

After our discovery of the lake in 2002, the evidence appeared to us!

Why head to the other end of the world when a few hours' drive is enough? And we decided to put our suitcases there.

Since then, we have devoted time and energy to our work and the improvement of the installations, but always with the same spirit:

The pleasure of beautiful encounters, welcoming and sharing."

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A word from Beatrice

I love the land and the people who work it with passion and care.

After many travels and beautiful human encounters, I wanted to return to an authentic territory and find a place where I could invest myself in a project combining the taste of others and serenity. I found it on the banks of the Lac de Naussac.

For almost 20 years now, I have shared this pleasure with you.

Welcome to the Terrasses du Lac!



A word from Patrice

In Les Terrasses du Lac, we take with heart our role in welcoming and satisfying our guests who trust us.  

After almost 20 years, we still have the same determination to continue the development in order to provide a better quality of service and meet your expectations. Every new season, I am happy to share these changes and evolutions with you. Come and discover or rediscover this little corner of paradise! 

Welcome to the Terrasses du Lac!





Thank you


To all those who have worked with us over the years, you share our passion every day and you helped us achieve our goal:

Create a friendly establishment where you feel at home in a team where good humor and smiles reign.




Samir, Brigitte, Lisa, Agathe, Stéphanie, Lydia, Simon, Philippe, Mélanie, Caroline, Jason, Fabrice, Joel, Servane, Zoé, Sarah, Sandra, Baptiste, Yvana, Lucie, Margaux, Olivia, Adrien, Yassine, Elena, Manon, Colette, Sophie, Alicia, Dinah, Anca, Stella, Helene, Clarence, Franck, Steve, Ruaraidh, Julie, Florent, Mélanie, Valérie, Laetitia, Jennifer, Liliane, Célène, Stephen, Camille, Johanna, Rachida, Christelle, Florin, Aura, Andy, Melissa, Matthieu, Audrey, Nina, Anna, Sabine, Esther, Dimitri, Laurent, Yoranique, Anaïs, Cloé, Viktoria, Thibault, Pauline, Virginie, Paul, Sonja, Lisanne, Natacha, Alexandre, Daisy, Marlène, Isabelle, Romain, Ophélie, Deborah, Marlène, Katrin, Chloé, Charlène, Vincent, Gabrièle, Patrice, Caroline, Sandrine, Floralie, Marie, Linda, Sylvie, Ariane, Catherine, Nancy, Bruno, Amaury, Nadine, Nathalie, Ridwan, Maurice, Cyrille, Anne, Amandine, Pascal, Lee, Jérôme, Odile, Amandine, Ludovic, Marylise, Sébastien, Gregory, Amélie, Thierry, Arnaud, Stéphane, David, Guillaume, Kevin, Henry, Pierre, Christian, Romain, Louis, Aurelie, Laurinda, Daniel, Adèle, Maria, Stéphanie, Sylvie, Surya, Simon, Théo, Remi, Louise, Doina, Djamila, Susan, Mickaela, Bianca, Simone, Philipp, Petra, Karsten, Boris, Monika, Cristina, Franziska, Christophe, Victor, Dagmar, Steffi, Chrissi...

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Les Terrasses du Lac