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Au départ des Gorges - Distance = 3.5 km - Marking = Blue - Highest point = 1000 m - Lowest point = 880 m
Let yourself be surprised by the beautiful gorge landscape of "Allier". The village of "Pradelles" and the "Gorges de l'Allier" are nice places to visit. The Allier River which is the main affluent of the Loire, has its source in "Moure de la Gardille" in the heart of the Mercoire Forest. The train is the only means of transport having penetrated these gorges up to now.

Circuit des Balcons du lac - Distance = 5.5 km - Marking = Blue - Highest point = 1075 m - Lowest point = 960 m
You are invited to enjoy the natural heritage you will come across on these marked trails, i.e. a panoramic view over the Naussac Lake. This region is known for its bread ovens, fountains and washing places.

Circuit de l'évèque - Distance = 6 km - Marking = Blue - Highest point = 1228 m - Lowest point = 1123 m
Following this trail lined by woods and meadows, it will lead you to the ancient estates of a bishop of "Mende". In the centre of this village you can find the "Notre Dame de Toutes le Grâces". This chapel offers you a fantastic view over the large Mercoire Forest and the Langouyrou River.

Circuit de la Reisse - Distance = 6.5 km - Marking = Blue - Highest point = 1083 m - Lowest point = 906 m
This ramble through woods and heathland offers you a gorgeous view over Langogne and the Naussac Lake. The "Margeride" landscape which is typical for this region, i.e. Europe's largest granitic massif, will impress you: a peaceful area crisscrossed by woods and rivers.

Le Sentier du Chateau - Distance = 7.5 km - Marking = Blue - Highest point = 1205 m - Lowest point = 980 m
A trail to discover the left shore of the Allier River as well as the impressive ruins of the "Chateau de Luc". You will be following the trail along Allier River representing the borderline between the two departements of the "Lozere" and the "Ardeche". You can see the mountain crests of the "Tanargue" Massif while ascending. The "Village de Luc" takes pride in its 12th-century castle which belonged to the major families of the region in the course of the centuries.
Circuit de la Croix Blanche - Distance = 8 km - Marking = Yellow - Highest point = 1159 m - Lowest point = 1002 m
The village of "Rocles" that you can visit here was built on a rocky landscape, thus its name. If you happen to visit Rocles in mid-September (to join their village festivities), use the opportunity to try its traditional dish "la maoutcho", made from pears, mangold, grapes and zwieback. Traditionally, this menu is to be prepared on this particular day only.
Circuit du petit Lac - Distance = 8 km - Altitude difference = 70 m
After having passed the golf course of the manor of "Barres", this trail will lead you along the shore of the "small" quarry pond of Naussac. Halfway along the route you will find a bird observatory.
Circuit de Bessettes - Distance = 8 km - Altitude difference = 105 m
This walk will take you along the trails of the communities of "Chastanier" and "Rocles". You will be passing the "Croix de Besse" which is one of the 19 crosses counted in the community of "Rocles".
Circuit des Gorges de l'Allier - Distance = 8 km - Altitude difference = 60 m
These hiking trails are close to the main affluent of the Loire, the Allier River. Moreover, you will be ascending the slope of the barrage of Naussac 2 which retains more than 190 million cubic metres of water at a height of approx. 50 m.
Circuit du Chapeauroux - Distance = 8 km - Altitude difference = 60 m
- Starting point in "Auroux" where you can visit the church of "Saint Pierre", the Hall of the 19th century and the statue of "Notre Dame de Garonne".
Circuit de la Croix de Parpaillon - Distance = 9 km - Marking = Yellow - Highest point = 1178 m - Lowest point = 994 m
In the village of "Auroux" which lies in an altitude of 1000 m at the riverbank of the "Chapeauroux", you will find a pleasant micro climate. Pierre & Marie Curie frequented this place for relaxation. "Auroux" is the canton's community offering the most castles, of which "Soulages" & "Fabrèges" are exceptionally well worth seeing.
Circuit du Langouyrou - Distance = 9 km - Marking = Yellow - Highest point = 1030 m - Lowest point = 913 m
8 km of hiking trails along the trace of R.L. Stenvenson, the famous Scottish writer and author. Discover the valley of "Allier" as well as the deer farm in the hamlet of "Brugeyrolles".
Circuit de la Forêt de Mercoire - Distance = 9 km - Marking = Yellow - Highest point = 1411 m - Lowest point = 1264 m
This hiking trail in the heart of the Mercoire Forest promises a veritable mystery. There are magnificent trails in the midst of the most beautiful coniferous forest the departement can offer. Not more than a few kilometres away from the starting point you will find a place of fascinating granitic erosion: "Ron des Egos".
Circuit de Rocles - Distance = 9 km - Altitude difference = 160 m
View over the Naussac Lake, the village of "Pradelles" and the mountains of the "Ardèche". Starting point in "Rocles" where you will find the statue of St. Thècle, which had been a popular figure to address oneself to in case of toothache.

Le Circuit de l'art sacré - Distance = 13.5 km - Marking = Yellow - Highest point 1155 m - Lowest point = 1065 m
On this trail you will undeniably discover historical testimonies. "Chastanier" is a very special community combining 7 hamlets with 115 inhabitants and 2 rivers: "Clamouse" and "Chapeauroux".

Circuit du Chateau - Distance = 14 km - Altitude difference = 190 m
Not far away from the starting point (opposite the tourist office) you will be invited to admire the "Château de Soulages" dating from the 14th century. This trail leads you along the ancient uranium mine at "Parpaillon". A lovely descent between "Malmont" and "Auroux".
Circuit de Sainte Germaine - Distance = 15 km - Altitude difference = 200 m
Discover the spinning museum "Musée de la Filature des Calquières" in the direct proximity of your starting point. This trail leads you along the hamlet of "Brugueyrolles" where you can find a deer farm (possible to visit). A fantastic panoramic view from the statue of Sainte Germaine near "Choisinets".
Circuit du Ras Chambon - Distance = 18 km - Altitude difference = 235 m
This trail starts in Naussac and leads you through Langogne. The paths mainly meander across meadows and along both sides of the Allier River. Furthermore, you will be bound to admire the ancient railway tracks between Langogne and "Puy en Velay".
Circuit des Huttes - Distance = 25 km - Altitude difference = 260 m
Passing the villages of "Saint Flour de Mercoire" and "des Huttes", you will be lead down a beautiful trail through the gorges of "Langouyrou". On your way back you can visit the deer farm in "Brugeyrolles".
Circuit du tour du Lac de Naussac - Distance = 29 km - Altitude difference = 390 m
Numerous fantastic views will be open to you along the whole way. You will pass the waterfall of "Donozau" which is known for its peacefulness. The way back leads you across mountain crests and through the village of "Fontanes" from where you will have a nice view over Allier River, the mountains of "Velay" and the lake.
Circuit des Monts du Tartas - Distance = 35 km - Altitude difference = 435 m
See Circuit du Ras Chambon. Furthermore, this trails leads you through the "Monts du Tartas" and the villages of "Pradelles" (supposedly one of the most beautiful villages in France) and "Saint Paul de Tartas".
Circuit de la Gardille - Distance = 45 km - Altitude difference = 570 m
A detour leading you through the lovely village of "Cheylard l'Evêque", the site where R.L. Stevenson rested during his journey across the Cevennes and where the "Beast of Gévaudan" committed its first raids. A magnificent view from the peak of the mountain of "Moure de la Gardille", lying in an altitude of 1503 m. Moreover, this trail leads you across the Mercoire Forest where the Allier River has its source.
Map is available for €3 at the hotel reception or the tourist office in Langogne